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All Products for Research cooled housings for 2 in. nominal diameter and 1 in. nominal diameter (and smaller) photomultipliers are supplied complete with an interchangeable photomultiplier tube socket assembly. These interchangeable tube socket assemblies are not only interchangeable with sockets used in housings of the same type but are also interchangeable with sockets provided with any other housing for the same nominal diameter PMT. The only restriction is that socket assemblies for side window tubes are used in side window housings and socket assemblies for end window tubes are used in end window housings.

Each PMT socket assembly comes potted for light tightness, hermetic seal and thermal insulation. Included in the socket assembly is the appropriate PMT socket of the highest quality available, the fully wired voltage divider network utilizing high quality metal film resistors and ceramic disc capacitors, appropriate high voltage and signal connector and an assembly of precision injected molded parts.

All photomultiplier tube socket assemblies are fully tested at Products for Research to insure mechanical and electrical integrity as well as very low electrical leakage (in the order of 1 PA) and full RFI shielding where applicable.

All photomultiplier tube socket assemblies for side looking tubes and tubes with rectangular apertures are constructed so that a rotational adjustment of 5° can be made while the tube is operating. This serves the purpose of optimizing the photocathode orientation with respect to the incoming light.

ADAPTERS which fit small diameter PMT's properly into housings for larger diameter tubes, providing dependable centering of the tube and good thermal contact with the cold wall of the chamber, are available as Option 33 to permit use of large housings and socket assemblies for small diameter PMT's.


In addition to the standard Photomultiplier tube socket assemblies, Products for Research also provides a number of special purpose PMT socket assemblies as well as fully customized PMT socket assemblies.

These are available to fit housings for 2 in. nominal diameter PMT's or housings for 1 in. nominal diameter PMT's unless otherwise noted.

CERAMIC SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR 21 PIN PMT's - Photograph - Available only from Products for Research, assemblies utilizing Ceramic Sockets provide a close match to the thermal coefficient of expansion of glass based PMT's. This is especially important when cooling these tubes to the lower temperatures often required for lowest dark current. (for 2 in. only)

SPRING LOADED SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT's - These PMT sockets are designed to load the face of the tube against a light source when this is desirable. They are especially useful with fiber optics, light pipes, scintillating crystals and vacuum systems. (for 2 in. only)

EXTENDED SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT's - These provide a significantly increased volume for extra components such as potentiometers and connectors as well as extremely complicated voltage divider networks. In addition, these can be provided partially potted to allow space for the user's installation of special components such as preamplifiers. (for 2 in. only)

VENTILATED SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT's - In order to prevent overheating of the Photomultiplier tube base, potted voltage dividers generally are designed to limit their current to about I ma. When voltage dividers are required with currents in excess of 3 ma, the PMT socket assembly is designed such that the resistors are located out of the insulating material in the region of the special PMT socket assembly which is ventilated and allows for convection cooling.

ADJUSTABLE SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT's - These Photomultiplier tube socket assemblies are specially designed for Photomultiplier tubes with a small photocathode which are being used with a comparable light spot size. The unique Products for Research design provides axial adjustment of 1/4 in. ( 0.6 cm) as well as rotational adjustment of 5° while the Photomultiplier tube is operating. These PMT socket assemblies are also very useful with side looking Photomultiplier tubes. Their principal value is in offsetting the build up of tolerances, which in some cases can be quite large, and permitting precise optical focusing thereby optimizing photocathode signal. (for 2 in. only)

SPECIAL WIRING OF SOCKET ASSEMBLIES for PMT's and OTHER DEVICES - In general, the wiring configuration used by Products for Research is what is recommended by the manufacturer of the Photomultiplier tube or other device in question. Certain applications, however, require specialized and user designed circuits or voltage divider networks. These are supplied by Products for Research at no additional charge, provided the components used are not exotic in comparison to the standard components and provided the components used do not require the use of one of the special purpose PMT socket assemblies. Modest extra charges are made for extra connectors and potentiometers and special components.

GRIP SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR BASELESS TUBES - These Photomultiplier tube socket assemblies are specially designed for Photomultiplier tubes which do not utilize plug in type bases for electrical contact and mechanical support. Using techniques developed at Products for Research, our engineers provide secure mechanical mounting and appropriate electrical connections for tubes which are potted or otherwise containerized.

LOW PROFILE SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT's - These Photomultiplier tube socket assemblies are designed using cabled connectors in place of the standard bulkhead connectors. The cables exit the PMT socket assembly either axially or radially as required for the application. The use of cables permits reduction of the external dimensions of the PMT socket assembly, thereby reducing the overall length of the PMT housing or PMT cooler.

GATED SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT'S - The Products for Research Option #34 Gated Photomultiplier Socket Assemblies allow the user to control the on/off state of the PMT via a TTL input. The ability to gate a photomultiplier is critical in applications such as LIDAR, where the light level to be measured is significantly lower than the excitation light level. Gating can prevent saturation of the PMT, while allowing time-critical measurement of the lower light level.

PREAMPLIFIER SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT'S - The Products for Research Option #35 model PSA-01 preamplifier is an inverting transimpedance amplifier with externally switchable conversion gain settings (10^3, 10^4, 10^5, and 10^6), allowing measurement of low signal levels without altering the time aspects of the signal.

PHOTON COUNTING SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT'S - The Products for Research Option #14 Amplifier/Discriminator photomultiplier tube socket assemblies provide a built in amplifier-discriminator with TTL compatible output and are compatible with the full range of ambient and cooled photomultiplier housings.

SOCKET ASSEMBLIES FOR PMT's IN KIT FORM - Most Products for Research Photomultiplier tube socket assemblies are also available at no extra charge in kit form for user experimentation. (2 in. only)

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