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Ambient Temperature Housing for 2 Inch (53.4 mm) diameter end on PMT's
The Products for Research model PR2200CE RFI shielded ambient temperature photomultiplier housing includes internal design identical to the Products for Research line of cooled housings for 2.1 in. (53.4 mm) and smaller diameter photomultiplier tubes. The PR2200CE thus provides the user with a highly versatile tool for interim experimentation or long term reliable service.

  • RFI Shielding (rigorously tested with Broad Band high gain photon counting equipment).

  • Electrostatic Shielding at cathode potential.

  • Magnetic Shielding (with 0.040 thick high permeability welded seam material extending 1/2 the cathode diameter in front of the photocathode).

  • The standard Photomultiplier tube socket assembly is completely wired and potted for optimum performance.

  • Standard MHV high voltage connector and BNC signal connector are an integral part of the socket assembly. "O" ring seals insure light integrity.

  • Photomultiplier tubes from any manufacturer operate in these housings.

  • The range of available Accessories include those compatible with the standard 6 inch front mounting adapter.

  • The PR2200CE is CE marked but otherwise identical to the older PR2200RF.

The PR2200CE is designed to accept any of the Tube Socket Assemblies which are designed for the Products for Research cooled housings for 2.1 in. (53.4 mm) tubes, including Gated socket assemblies, Preamplified socket assemblies and Photon Counting socket assemblies. In addition, the PR2200CE socket assemblies are normally foam insulated and hermetically sealed, permitting immediate interchange into any of the appropriate cooled housings without fear of thermal or moisture difficulties.

The front end design is such that the PR411 Magnetic Defocusing Assembly can conveniently be inserted without disturbing the photomultiplier tube.

The PR2200CE has a dual front mounting adapter. The large diameter removable segment is compatible with equipment designed to mate to the standard 6 in. diameter Products for Research cooled housing front mounting adapter, including the PR302 Light Shutter Assembly.

The small diameter segment is identical to the long standing PR2200RF design. This simplifies interchangeability in already existing systems. In addition, the front flange will accept standard series 7 threaded filter holders.

The PR2200CE weighs 3.5 lbs. (1.6 Kgms) and can be mounted and swung through large arcs or operated in any plane without fear of loss of the axial alignment of the photomultiplier tube, This is due to the unique Products for Research pressure sleeve design which provides a secure shock resistant environment for the photomultiplier tube.

NOTE: The Photomultiplier Tube type must be specified with any order.


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