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Ambient Temperature Housings for 2 Inch (52 mm) diameter end on PMT's
The Products for Research ambient temperature PR1400CE and related housings the PR1406CE and PR1407CE are specifically designed to incorporate all of the important features for optimum PMT performance within one low cost ambient housing style.
The PR1400CE accommodates 2" and 1-1/2" diameter and smaller Photomultipliers. For tubes of 1-1/8" diameter and smaller, the PR1401CE is also available as a smaller scale version of the PR1400CE. The PR1400CE and related housings offer common basic features, namely:

  • RF shielding (rigorously tested with Broad Band high gain photon counting equipment).

  • Electrostatic shielding at cathode potential.

  • Magnetic shielding (with 0.040 thick high permeability welded seam material extending 1/2 the cathode diameter in front of the photocathode).

  • The Photocathode is centered by an opaque insulating ring (improvement over Teflon).

  • Universal Front Mounting Flange which mates to the PR305 Light Shutter Assembly

The Universal Front Mounting Flange can be removed for special applications without the magnetic shield or centering ring being affected. A standard filter holder can be installed in the mounting flange.

Custom Cathode location and/or SHV or TNC connectors are available on special request at no additional charge. Other variations to suite individual applications are also available to special order. Consult with the Products for Research applications department for design alternatives and quotations.

NOTE: The PR1400CE, PR1406CE and PR1407CE are CE marked but otherwise are identical to the older PR1400RF, PR1406RF and PR1407RF respectively.

NOTE: The Photomultiplier Tube type must be specified with any order.

  • The Photomultiplier tube socket assembly is completely wired and potted for optimum performance.

  • Standard MHV high voltage connector and BNC signal connector are an integral part of the socket assembjy. "O" ring seals insure light integrity.

  • Photomultiplier tubes from any manufacturer operate in these housings.

  • The PR411 Magnetic Defocusing Assembly fits completely within the housing cylinder and does not interfere with mounting.

  • Gated socket assemblies, Preamplified socket assemblies and Photon Counting socket assemblies are available to interface with the PR1400CE housing configuration.
The PR1406CE provides an unpotted removable dynode chain for those users wishing to experiment with dynode chain design. In all other respects, the PR1406CE is identical to the PR1400CE.

The PR1407CE includes a spring loaded socket assembly which is especially useful when working with vacuum systems, light pipes, scintillating crystals or similar light sources which must be in intimate contact with the tube face to insure optimum performance.


Ambient Temperature Housings for large diameter end on PMT's
The PR1202CE is based on the PR1400CE and accepts PMT's of 5 inch (127 mm) diameter.

The PR1206CE is based on the PR1400CE and accepts PMT's of 3 inch (127 mm) diameter and includes the necessary mounting flange to mate to the PR315 Light Shutter Assembly.


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Drawing (5K)

Dimensional Outline of PR1400CE, PR1406CE and PR1407CE - Photograph


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Drawing (6K)

Dimensional Outline of PR1202CE - Photograph


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Drawing (6K)

Dimensional Outline of PR1206CE



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