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Products for Research is pleased to announce that effective 22 March 1997 ,
a new trademarked line of CE Marked PMT housings named the
PHOTOCOOLseries is being offered.

PHOTOCOOL by Products for Research
defines a new standard in coolers for PMT's and other optronic devices.

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PHOTOCOOL adds modularity to the long established quality that is Products for Research

PHOTOCOOL coolers are interchangeable within the PHOTOCOOL product range.

All PHOTOCOOL systems are rated for operation over the line voltage range 100V-120V/220V-240V, 50/60 Hz.

The PHOTOCOOL series is composed of discrete components which are interchangeable.

Different PHOTOCOOL combinations yield different PHOTOCOOL systems.

The components are:
Power Supply - 4 PHOTOCOOL versions
Housing - all PHOTOCOOL compatible thermoelectric and LN2 varieties

Interconnect Cable - 4 versions for PHOTOCOOL compatibility

Socket Assembly - all socket assemblies previously available are PHOTOCOOL compatible

Evacuated Windows - all window designs previously available are PHOTOCOOL compatible

No Dew Heater Ring - new design for PHOTOCOOL compatibility

All Products for Research photomultiplier tube housings in the PHOTOCOOL series are CE marked.

The CE Mark is a compliance symbol indicating that a product meets the requirements of the European Union (EU) directives that apply to that product.
CE marking is a prerequisite to marketing products in the European Economic Area (EEA) from certain dates onwards.

All CE marked equipment from Products for Research will include the letters CE as a suffix to the type number.

All PHOTOCOOL types will use the prefix PC before the type number.
The numerical values of the type numbers will remain the same as before.

For Example:
Old Standard TypeNew PHOTOCOOL Type

Certain new Products for Research CE Marked Types, namely the Compressor Cooled, Dry Ice Cooled and the Enhanced Multi-Stage TE510 are not part of the PHOTOCOOL series. These continue to use the TE prefix.

For Example:
Old Standard TypeNew CE Marked Type

When PHOTOCOOL is combined with the long standing interchangeability of tube socket assemblies and evacuated window assemblies among Products for Research coolers of the same size, a truly modular system exists.

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